Monday, November 19, 2012

A Highly Functioning Sociopath // Sherlock Movie Review {of sorts}

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
~Sherlock Holmes

Two years I must go farther back then that. When I was about 9 or 10 years old, my cousins Katie and Maddie introduced Molly and I to the wonderful classic Sherlock Holmes movies staring Basil Rathbone. I loved those movies. And still do even if they're nothing like the books.
So, basically, I grew up on Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. But that means I also grew up on that Sherlock and Watson....not the true-to-the-books Sherlock and Watson. I had no idea at all about Sherlock's super quick thinking, sarcasm, rude and unfeeling replies to people, or Watson actually having some brains.
When I saw this movie, I had no clue that it was supposed to be Sherlock Holmes and Watson. :D
With that as a back-drop, two years ago I heard that some people were going to make a Sherlock Holmes TV show set in modern times. My thought was like most people at the time: "Really??? Modern? Oh boy! This will be just dumb!" Eventually I did gave it a try and decided to watch the first episode. O.O I. was. hooked.

When the third episode ended with Sherlock pointing a gun at a bomb and snipers aimed at him and John, I eagerly awaited for the second season to come to America. During that wait I watched the Robert Downey, Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie. It was "tolerable, I suppose. But not handsome enough to tempt me." *shrugs*
"That um...*eh-hem!* offered to do..."
Then the long-awaited day arrived and I excitedly crawled up in my PJ's to watch my favorite show. You probably can tell where this is headed.

I saw the episode "A Scandal in Belgravia" (I had read the short-story before watching it) and was so furious and angry with Steven Moffet that I absolutely refused to watch the next two episodes. Even if you take the whole inappropriate/trashy-ness out of it, the episode was rushed, boring, and never really clear. I still don't know what the airplane had to do with Moriarty and Irene. 0.o The only thing that made the episode not a complete waste of time was this and a few other great lines. Along with Sherlock's famous hat.
"But usually it's subtext." XD
By the time that I had (sort of) gotten over my anger with Moffet for ruining "my dear Dr. Watson", and my favorite detective of all time, it was too late to watch the next two episodes, as they were off the internet at that point. :( Proving a point sometimes backfires on you. *grin* Anyway...I got more and more anxious to see the episodes as I heard more and more people raving about how awesome it was.
"You can imagine the family Christmas dinners." Hehe! And is Mycroft actually taller than Sherlock??
Finally -- Netflix was kind enough to make it instant! :D A few weeks ago while sewing, I decided to play the episode "The Hounds of Baskerville". Oh my goodness, was it good!!! Because it had been such a long time since I had seen Sherlock, and "Scandal" had almost nothing about the friendship of John and Sherlock, this one was even better. Plus Sherlock got scared (which in turn made me quite freeked-out). So that just made it.

And then I saw The Reichenbach Fall. O.O Oh my goodness was it good! I was so shocked by how good it was. When I saw it I knew exactly how it was going to end. I'd heard so many spoilers it wasn't even funny. But when this happened....
...I started sniffling. Which moved to tearing-up when he said "Good bye, John." ah! So good! *sniff* You should have seen the huge grin that formed on my face the moment the camera panned out to Sherlock standing by the tree. :D I just love the show so much! <3 Even if I did have "Reichenbach Feels" for a week after! Thanks to photos like this!
"They can't tear me down." WHY would someone make this?! Why?!?!?!?
I'm now going to post a bunch of random pictures and music videos with random thoughts in between. Enjoy!!!
Oh my goodness. Watson and his jumpers (sweaters)! :D
Sherlock the otter and John the hedgehog! Handcuffed! Too cute!!
The funny thing? I can actually picture Moriarty saying that.
I'm pretty happy with the fact that I know what episode each picture is from. :)
He is so mean in this scene!
Sherlock in his Mind Palace. And his scarf as tassels?!?!? Awesome!
A left-handed man shooting himself with his right hand?"
I think this picture is from the un-aired Pilot episode.
This is way too cute.
I just love Molly! :)
It's in this scene where I really realized how great he's going to be as Bilbo.
Reason number 4 why I want to take Violin lessons. :) If I ever get a violin (more like "when" I do) I'm gonna name it Sherlock.
"Reichenbach Support Group"! Hah! Yeah...I totally need to join that. :'(
Somebody caption this, Pleeeeeeeease!!! It's just too funny!!
Oh and don't forget to breath. "Ugh! Breathing. Breathing's boring."
Yeah. In Three years time, John is going to slap Sherlock in the face!
I'm not really sure why...but this picture cracks me up!
Definitely. And this looks fun to act out. *nods* He really did that stunt, stunt double.
You asked for it, Mycroft.
"Are you getting a cold?"
Richard Brook is a fake!!!!
Oooooooooooooooooo!!! *excited chuckle* Yeeeeeeesssss!!!!!!!!! That will be great!!! I'm curious if they were at all sad when he 'died'....?
What I do in my spare time. :D

Another great quote from "Scandal"
This scene. 0.0 And that is so true. Benedict Cumberbatch's also. They're both amazing actors.
I would like to say a few words about Molly Hooper at this time. I. Love. Molly. A lot, a lot, a lot. She is super cute and is just really nice and sweet. I loved her from the first scene she was in. Although she didn't have the best choice in boyfriends (she went out THREE times with Jim Moriarty! O.o) I loved how she really liked (OK, loved) Sherlock. It seems like she only had a crush on Sherlock in the first few episodes. But as they went on, I think she started to actually love him. But by "Reichenbach" I believe that she really does love Sherlock, but is also resigned to the fact that Sherlock will never return that love. She has accepted it, and I think that's pretty cool.
If you ask me, she is the Eiffel Tower, and Irene is a miserable ant. (I have strong feelings about Irene, ok?) I don't think I would go so far as to call them "Sherlolly" 0.o (as cute as the name is) but they do have a really sweet friendship. Besides, Sherlock would never go farther than that anyway, even if Molly does love him. :( *the sadness of Sherlock being....well....Sherlock*

You do not go up against Sherlock...especially when it involves his friends! Look at his face at the end! O.O Scary. The best scene from "Scandal".
"Are we here to see the queen?" *Mycroft walks in* "Apparently!" *simultaneous bursts of laughter*
{From the unaired pilot.} Why, oh why didn't they keep this scene in the aired episode?? Heehee! But poor Sherlock!
And finally, my favorite video I've found in a while..................
Mixing an already-depressing song (Doomsday) with a extremely sad scene (Sherlock's death)....does not help the sadness one already has after watching The Reichenbach Fall! O.O I love this video though!!!

In short? I highly would recommend you watching the Sherlock series. Just NOT "A Scandal in Belgravia". Just plain trashy. The show itself is probably rated about a low PG-13 for action, intense scenes, blah, blah, blah, you get the picture. There's nothing inappropriate in it other than that episode I mentioned.

Have you seen Sherlock? Do you love it? Do you like Lestrade, Molly, and Mrs. Hudson? Are you a Jeremy Brett or Basil Rathbone fan? Let me know! Also! What did you think of Reichenbach??? Were you sad, angry, happy, what?

P.S. For those of you who have seen "Scandal": What was Sherlock's problem in "A Scandal in Belgravia" during the Christmas scene?? I mean he was waaaaayyyy worse than normal! Am I the only one who thought that? Very rude....even for Sherlock.


  1. I love Sherlock. I totally agree with you on the whole Irene Adler thing. I really sorta hated her. :D And that whole episode was week, yeah. I like the "I am SHER locked" bit. Cool. But overall, I found that episode a turn off. I wished Sherlock hadn't saved her at the end. Grrr. The world's a better place without her!
    But I loved the other episodes. Watson is my favorite. :) Sherlock's awesome too, but Watson is just so adorable. Yeah.
    That's about it.

  2. I must give you a hug. You curled up in PJs to watch the Adler one? Moffat was mean to us, all eager and excited for it. He ruined a perfectly good night. Katie and I were in the same position as you. We spent the whole show yelling and crying.

    I love Lestrade's face when Sherlock points the pistol at Watson. Like he is thinking, "Guys, he's not going to kill his friend." Or, "Nice one, Sherlock. This is why your friends get annoyed with you." But he lets everyone believe Sherlock will really shoot them or Watson.
    I think there might be some connection of how he lived between Moriarty's fake name and the Riegnbach Falls - and I so spelt that wrong.
    Also, the people you mentioned, I think you're right. They did have some part in it. They likely were his London beggar friends.

    I do like Molly. I think she is sweet and cares about others even though they often over look her and I think everyone is very mean to her all because she likes Sherlock - it isn't as if half the girls in the world are just as guilty. And I like that she isn't whiney about the fact he doesn't love her, or that she is sulking or trying to get his attention. She has accepted that all they will ever be is friends, and now she wishes to help him and I think he was horrible in the Christmas part (which I don't even pretend happy because it was during the Adler one.) But, anyhow, yes, I like her a lot And I kind of hope she turns out to be Mary - though I'd rather Watson doesn't marry and moves out - but she and he would be rather cute together I think.

    I was partly sad when Sherlock fell. I mean, I knew he wasn't dead. Seeing him crying and all nervous was a bit sad, but I didn't really start bawling until Watson stood at his grave, then I lost it. "Do something for me, just don't be dead. Please?" And I was going, "SHERLOCK! Look at him! You broke his heart! Go and tell him!!" And then he walked away, hiding all his sadness, just how he was before he met Sherlock, and I cried even more. I will be happy when Sherlock comes back, and I understand why he didn't tell Watson, but I am rather hoping Watson slugs him a good one.Not sure why...maybe because I am a bit mad he didn't tell Watson and take him into hiding with him, even though he couldn't.

    Aye, I don't trust Moffat. If there is a way to bring Moriarty back he will do it.

    Now I am going to try and help you caption that picture with Sherlock smirking and Watson going O.O because that is too funny to not have one.


  3. Irene Adler... *shudder* That episode was disappointing. There were some good scenes but overall it was really weak. I *did* like the whole "I am SHER locked" thing. that was good. I have a question; did Sherlock Seriously save Irene at the end, or was that fantasizing?

    I think Watson and Sherlock have a great friendship. Watson is so loyal. I like it when he tries to correct Sherlock.

    Sherlock "Wasn't that kinder??"
    Watson "No Sherlock *that* was not kind." LOL. Sherlock is brilliant and I love him but there is something very special about Watson. I am glad they did not portray him as the "Dumb, fat side-kick" that the character has been pinned as. Instead Watson is a rather clever and wonderful man. And I love him.

    "If you were dying, if you'd been murdered what would be your last words?"
    "Please God, Let me live..." :D

    I cried when Sherlock jumped. It wasn't the "Goodbye John..." It was the WAY he said good-bye and Watson's reaction to it especially at the graveyard.

    "No one will ever make me believe you told a lie. Never *takes a breath* just do something for me. Don't be dead. Just stop this!" Poor Watson! I wanted to hug him. "Its ok, SHERLOCK IS ALIVE!!" I was so mad at Moriarty. I was sooo mad.... that horid little man!

    I've never watched so many TV shows that have make me cry. Geesh. Within the last few months Doctor Who, Merlin and Sherlock have each left me in tears. But with DW and Sherlock it is usually the "Final" episodes that make me cry. Merlin just has sad episodes jump out at you and leave you in tears... *Sniff* The Lady of the Lake *sniff*

    have you seen the next Merlin yet? Ep 7 is now on Youtube, all 14 parts. It was really good but the thing with... *Spoiler* anyway, I think you'd like both Ep6 & Ep7. Ep6 has such a terrible twist at the end *:-o* I was not pleased with the twist. I was like "NO!!!"

    OK, enough FANGIRL raving. Lets just say that was a super fun post and I really enjoyed it. SHERLOCK FOREVER!

    God Bless